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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show with Special Guest: Shaun Sargent of Co-Founder of STAIT.

With Shaun and Sam being absolutely awesome caring purpose-driven humans... STAIT has come on board as a sponsor of the "Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show - Resilience For Men"... and sponsoring my book "RESILIENT MAN - FIREPIT"... which will be released later this year.

Shaun and Sam, the Founders of Stait have been incredibly supportive both of my work with helping Men build resilient lives.

In today's episode I chat with Shaun about his own resilience story...

How his upbringing and life experiences instilled strength and values that have helped him get through challenges in business, relationships and personal growth.

STAIT, Shaun and Sam are strong supporters of Veterans, including the Veteran Games... We share more about that in today's podcast.

Approaching his 50s, and busy with a demanding corporate career, Shaun was aware that ageing might start to affect his performance day-to-day.

Whilst most people might consider this a normal part of the aging process, Shaun chose differently. Why give up on feeling and being your best just because you're getting older?

As a busy CEO, Shaun had always been determined to outperform himself each day.

Having failed to find a product to support his health in the way he needed, it was his wife and co-founder Samantha "Sam" who suggested he should create something for himself. Which is exactly what he did.

Enjoy today's episode, legends!


- Shaun shares his story of being born in the rural part of England, he was exposed to hard work by both his father and grand father. And was exposed to people doing epic shit from an early age.

Shaun's Mum passed away when he was 17 years old... which changed his life from a happy family life... to this Dad struggling with not knowing how to grieve... which lead to issues with Shaun and his father... and Shaun leaving home.

It shaped Shaun's life from an early age and that no-one was coming to save him.

- Shaun went onto university... then became an accountant, having his own practice. Got married and had children.

- Shaun talks about how he found life at the bottom of the bottle at the age of 35 years old, his marriage breaking down and him and his wife separated.

- The owner of a company that Shaun was working with asked him to attend a health event in the United States. Shaun met Sam in Vegas at an event, they became friends. And didn't catch up again until a bit later... which is a pretty epic story...

- I asked Shaun to share that story of what led him to getting together with Sam (Shaun and Sam have been married for 12 years now)... Mainly because I was curious as they're a super aligned and amazing couple. :)

- Shaun and Sam started traveling for work together... You can watch or listen to the podcast for the rest of the details.

- Shaun shared how the universe gives you what you need, not what you want.

- We talk about the inner strength and fortitude that Shaun and Sam have as individuals and together... Communication, their vision...

- Shaun talks about relationships and if they nurture each person in the relationship... and is the unit stronger than the individuals.

- I ask Shaun about his passion for health... he grew up with physically strong Men in his family...And spent years being around weights and gyms...

- When Shaun started playing American football, he attended old school bodybuilding gyms...and studied all the bodybuilding greats. He felt like he belonged there.

- We discuss how STAIT came about... This is a fantastic story of how things fall into place at the exact right time.

- Shaun talks about testosterone, health and performance. Stress and cortisol levels.

- How STAIT is trying to educate people on taking care of your testosterone, stress and health.

- Working with young men in special forces and Veterans with PTSD to reduce stress and cortisol levels.

- Supporting Veterans and Veteran Games.

- Resilience and American Football and the mentorship Shaun received when he played. And how it shaped him, surrounding his life with people doing incredible things.

- Resilience in Shaun's own life now. And his approach to it. And remembering how great we really are. Taking care of yourself. And the drive to be the best you can be.

- Self-acceptance vs judgement... And choosing to see the possibilities and adventure in life in building strength and resilience. Holding yourself accountable.

ou can connect with Shaun here...




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