Hi, I'm Mandy Gibbons



Convincing you that you have to have a certain mindset. I show you how to create YOUR OWN thriving and formidable inner-stance, based on where YOU want to be. That you can adapt and change at any time, as you continue to grow your INNER STRENGTH and mind.


You can become POWERFUL-as-hell using the 40/60 rule that I use with my clients. So you're not pushing yourself mentally, physically or emotionally over the edge. Yet still creating IMPRESSIVE MOMENTUM, in any area of your life you that you choose to enhance and build upon.


...NOT pretending the emotions and feelings you're experiencing don't exist and pushing them aside. Instead I show you how to be "OK" with them, understand them, move through them more GROUNDED AND CALM, so you can make effective decisions... Versus bottling them up and getting stuck in overwhelm.


That may sound kinda weird coming from a female.

I've definitely copped some flack for speaking up about what I'm about to share. It's not that I don't support women, of course I do. This is about something that runs far deeper.

You and I, both know, this is often unspoken, it's swept under the carpet...
hidden in fear and shame.

Like a secret that can never be told, due to the repercussions of doing so.

I'm here to put a voice to it. Because shame can't survive once a struggle is shared with someone who can carry the weight of it.

Men often feel trapped in a life that's 24/7 pushing themselves
to the limits of burnout.

Managing pressure... while being under pressure...

Struggling with everything that's going on in your own life, while having to deal with the stress and demands of work, life, family, staff and business.

And what sucks about this...

Is that you feel like you have to keep it together...
you can’t f--k up and fail… especially in front of everyone.
The humiliation of that is a "no-go" zone.

Why? Because we're programmed to believe that "real men don't crumble, don't cry... don't this, don't that, can't struggle".

Financially - if you're the main income source, provider... it's riding on you, playing on your mind, brother.
I know you feel that.

The strain on relationships... the more you're trying to bring the best that you can to those around you... there's not much left of you to give... you're spent... physically, mentally and emotionally.

And sometimes you just SNAP.. at the wrong time, at the wrong thing…

At work, at home, shit hitting in the fan ….
the frustration of not having a solution …
and not having an outlet to release the anger...

The lack of focus... the lack of clarity to make powerful decisions... that people are expecting you to make.

How the hell are you supposed to do that when you're going through divorce, infidelity, demotion, business failing, deals going south... cut throat situations that feel like they break you to the core.

We've all seen it, let's be real here... when a man is struggling, it's not uncommon for him to spiral downwards...

If you can't tell anyone... you don't have the support, right?

Losing status (whether that be from you withdrawing from others, or because of actions and behaviours, decisions that were made when you were "not in a good space")...

Your peers turning their back on you. 

Even worse, losing respect for yourself.

Let's face it, the stored anger within you... it's gotta release somewhere... You can bet that it's gonna be in ways that you wish it didn't.

The good news is... you can powerfully move out of that situation...

It's within you to do that... to lead yourself out of whatever "hell hole" situation you're in.

It's time to leverage your strengths, Brother!

This is about loosening the tie from around your neck...moving you out of feeling trapped, angry, frustrated, pissed-off, hurt, betrayed... 

To feeling INSPIRED, STRONG, DRIVEN, VITAL, DECISIVE... and free to be yourself...

With your purpose in life, and your true commitment and connection to Winning and Transforming.

This unique straight-up, down-to-earth, uplifting, compassionate,
will jar you out of complacency...

And will show you how you can perform at your best and move from A to B.

Let me explain... 

Both in my coaching, and in my personal life (friends, colleagues, those close to me)...

I've stood by men's side during their suffering, their good times and their transformations for over 20 years.

From Mining Supervisors, Oil and Gas Supervisors, CEO's, Company Owners, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers, Athletes...


  • Of men working away, looking forward to seeing their family. Coming home, finding their keys won't open their front door. Their wives (she's been secretly having an affair) having moved the new lover in. Men not being able to see their kids. The heart break that went down trying to see, or have access, to their children. 
  • Men coming home to finding their house empty, their wives or partners cleaning out their bank accounts and moved to another state.
  • Men feeling the pressure to continue working away (due to financial obligations), even if they've had enough, they want to quit and find work closer to home, they miss their partners and children... it's putting pressure on their relationships.
  • Men making the transition from working away (Fly in / fly out, or business) to a career closer to home... the stress around change of income, change of lifestyle, change of home routine. Especially if you and your partner are used to spending time apart. It's not uncommon to struggle with a life of being together every day. Even feeling unwelcome, like you're getting in the way. 
  • Men finding themselves in rocky relationships, due to working away. The unknown of not being able to contact or see their partner when challenges arise. Disagreements not being sorted... or dragging out while they're working away. Insecurity, fear... especially if there's been a past infidelity or suspicion of one. 
  • Men working around the clock in their Company or Business. As an Entrepreneur throwing your heart and soul, putting in everything you have, to set yourself up and / or your family up for the long term. The money's great, you've built up a solid customer base... but it's getting busier... the hours longer. And your personal relationships are suffering. You're stretching yourself thin. 
  • Men experiencing being double-crossed at their jobs... they've worked for decades to get to a management or leadership position and then someone swoops in, 1 x bad apple who wants to "f--k people over" at any cost - and does... Leaving amazing men, who've successfully and respectfully worked their way up, left standing there wondering "how the hell do these assholes get away with shafting people".

    I can't tell you how many times I've heard the term "it's a dog eat dog world". And it screws with rapport in any work or team environment.
  • And stories of men that are so burnt out, trying to keep everything afloat in their lives, not wanting to be the White Knight that falls off their horse... stretching themselves to the point where they're on the verge of a breakdown... if they haven't already.

The statistics of men breaking down continue to grow, yet it's kept it behind closed doors. 

That can of worms that stays unopened / bottled up inside you...

It implodes... then explodes...

Bringing a man down, and those around him too.

Now Imagine...

Being equipped with the knowledge, the tools, the coaching, 
a steadfast formidable resilient inner stance within you...
Imagine, having access to that... at a time when you knew it 
was sink or freaking swim?

... How life changing that would be.

Imagine how powerful it would be having this knowledge, during the challenges and great times...

Consistency with your Resilience creates incredible momentum.

That's what I'm here for, Brother. 

HOW and WHY Building Resilience Works


Resilience In Your Everyday Life:

Improving how you handle adversity and implementing that in small steps each day... Not only creates wins and ramps up your "feel good dopamine"...

It helps program your mind and body to become more comfortable with taking on challenges in your life...

So you get to continue to step up for yourself knowing you have your own back, no matter what life throws at you.


Knowing Where You Operate From:

If you know where you operate from in life... (a resilient inner stance)... And create that based on where you choose to be.

You get to make decisions from that place daily. This is your resilient advantage...

It sounds too simple right? When actually it's fairly straight forward!

Not only is it powerful as heck, but it also allows you freedom to make forward moving decisions quickly and effectively.


Putting Yourself Back in The Drives Seat:

Taking responsibility for your life puts you back in the drivers seat. That's what we work on doing.

When challenging situations arise. It moves you away from feeling like you're stuck...

You're no longer the victim of a situation... You get to become the HERO of it. 

You get to create the life YOU CHOOSE to live... and how that plays out.

You know you have your own back.


You Can Pull Yourself Out of The Shit Flowing River:

When you find yourself in a challenge in life that you've never been in before... Or maybe you're in that right now...

Maybe it's the worst you've felt, and you feel like you're drowning in shit... And that shit river just keeps flowing. 

You'll be able to problem solve, while pulling yourself out of it. 

You break the cycle of thoughts, reactions, destruction and commit to being productive, while also being kind to yourself. You'll be armed with the skills to do so.


Communicate What You Want With Conviction:

Knowing what you want, asking for, and saying want you want... often end up being completely different... when it's time to communicate it.

Being grounded, decisive, and coming from n place where you're sure of yourself... And clear on what you want... And how you choose to be and behave...

Straight off the bat, puts you in a better position. Why?

Because you're choosing not to come from a place of fear and confusion.

You're coming from a place of steadfastness and confidence. You're direct and decisive.  


Being Cool With Your Emotions - And Dealing With Them:

This doesn't mean you're going to be crying all day or sitting around and wallowing... There's nothing wrong with crying... if you gotta get it out... do it. Don't let it screw you over.

And it doesn't mean shutting down your emotions either.

Getting control of your emotions, understanding them... and being cool with however you're feeling... Will bring you peace a hell of lot faster... than fighting them. 

It's an acceptance of knowing it'll pass, while also using specific tools to let those emotions pass and gain clarity. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can take action.


Grab Life By The Balls:

When you're going through life's challenges ... You'll look back and probably won't remember the last time you "laughed your ass off"... Y'know...genuinely felt carefree. A whole part of you that's been forgotten.

Bringing fun and purpose back into your life... Choosing to do that... a game plan for it...

Taking responsibility for allowing yourself to be creative, but also figuring out what truly drives you. Warms your soul.

It's time to grab life by the balls... Momentum, baby...! 

Step by step...You'll start performing like you're fired up with your life... and what lays ahead for you.


Getting Back In the Saddle...:

Become the KING of your life and love... 

While I'm not a relationship coach... I'm pretty awesome at helping men hold themselves accountable ...and for what they want in a partner. 

Whether it's sex, a coffee date, or chatting via message... It's an energy exchange. You gotta take responsibility for your actions and what you say. 

My clients aren't running around screwing drunk, vulnerable women... and bragging about it.That's what insecure boys do. It's fear based.

Learning how to trust again, how to NOT lash out from self-protection, anger, jealousy, making reckless decisions - especially if you've been betrayed.

Formidable Resilience is about being a sexy, confident, stand-up man, who knows his stuff and holds his own. And doesn't need or want to play games.  By working on this you're focusing on self-growth... versus worrying about the other person. You get to move forward powerfully.

PS... women love it!


Dominate With Power of Your Inner Circle:

Knowing who your "TRUE INNER CIRCLE" is... If you don't have one... then it's time to get cracking on creating it.

This is your support powerhouse. They want to see your growth, your success... they want to see you genuinely thrive. 

This isn't your mates that you sit around and get smashed with and complain about shit.

It's the complete opposite. If you don't have anyone in your life like that...

Then thank God you found me. You need support in your corner.


Crush It - With Accountability:

Self Accountability...

The power of being able to help yourself move forward, out of confusion... Out of stopping and starting...

Making your goals, from where you choose to be, how you walk, talk... to yourself and others...


This will help you build incredible rapport with yourself. You'll fall in love with building resilience and accomplishing things in life that you wouldn't have achieved otherwise.

It's expecting more of yourself... without beating yourself up. It's an acceptance of your brilliance and the qualities you bring the world.


Getting To The Root Of the Struggle:

Over-Complicating the process of healing often leads to decisions made out of fear. And more confusion.

I simplify coaching, so YOU "get" the insights, understand them. And guide you through uncovering them.

I hold you as the powerful man you are... even when you don't feel empowered. I'm committed to your growth...

So you can let go of the crap that's stomping all over your inner freedom and peace.

So you get to heal and move forward.


Resilience Mastery - Your Mind, Body and Words:

The incredible thing about resilience... is that you can continue to grow, adapt and improve performance... 

It's not some fixed set of rules. You get to create your identity.

Most people base their resilience identity on what they want, or copy someone else... Versus who they choose to be. 

When you know who you choose to "be"...

You place value - and value - what you say, do, think, how you do what you do.

It's the opposite of overthinking and fear.

You stand steadfast as the best version of you now...because it's produced by who you choose to be in the future. 

So you get to lead, overcome challenges, leverage your strengths, problem solve efficiently as the powerful as hell man that lays within you.

You get to do it NOW!

There's a strong level of trust that goes hand-in-hand with walking by someone's side during their challenges, and their celebrations too.
If you're kinda curious about my own
here's a little more info about me...

Mandy with Mum

As a kid (that's me on the right, with my Mum)... helping people, nurturing them... seeing them do well... excited me. 

I didn't quite understand transformation, empowerment, helping people rise, having compassion... but I knew the feeling of it. I knew that was what I was going to be doing in life.

I was very conscious of people's feelings, had a lot of intuition... I understood that people would often say and do hurtful things because they were hurting also. I was bullied a lot by other kids during my childhood and early teens, so I knew what that was like first-hand. I was lucky to have parents who taught me a lot about being compassionate.

Late into my teens I became intrigued... and started learning about the mind and body connection... and mindset. How incredible transformations could be achieved... amazing leaps of faith... hardships could be endured and overcome... and adventures could be had... by changing how I felt and thought about certain things.

I applied these to my own adventures when travelling...after a motor cycle accident where I was told (as a 19 year old) that I would never be able to play sports or walk properly again.

I proved them wrong. Determined to heal, I told myself daily I would recover remarkably, and created my own "do it yourself" rehabilitation exercises that I could do in the backyard... Tying myself up to the support bars of the Hills Hoist rotary clothesline to hold myself up to train myself to walk.

Side note... 

Y'know when someone tells you that something isn't possible, but you know deep down you can do it. 

I know you've had those moments in your own life, right?  And then you go ahead and accomplish it. 

At the time, yeah, it might have a been a bit of  a "f--k you, I'm gonna do it"...

But you also had a belief system, feelings, emotions, a way of speaking to yourself... an inner stance... a knowing... that you could, and would do it. You had your own back.

It's not freaking magic... Or chance. You created that for yourself.

Through that process, adversity, challenges that you faced... you grew your resilience... whether you realised it or not.

I've always felt more drawn and connected to men.

Them coming to me, sharing their thoughts, feelings about what was going on in their lives, their struggles, that they couldn't divulge to their mates. It's always felt natural for me to coach men.

In the early days of my coaching, as a Personal Fitness Trainer.. what got my clients their results, wasn't just the amazing workouts I created for them...it was their mind and body connection. Both men and women. We focused on their ability to move through the challenges they were experiencing in their lives... along with their workouts and nutrition.

My male clients were a caught a little off-guard at the results they could get with a female coach, as they'd only ever worked with male trainers before.It was a unique style of coaching... 

Other trainers and coaches would steal my programs, my books, go over my notes behind my back... trying to figure out my secret. But they could never nail the key to why my clients would experience such huge shifts with their body's and mind.

I could see how it was changing client's lives, and my life. How not pushing emotions and obstacles away...

How grounding yourself, how effective your decision making power becomes. And how you can grow your ability to emotionally cope during a crisis... and return back to a calmer state.

As the years continued it was a natural transition for me to specialise in Coaching Resilience and Mindset.

My own life experiences, walking side by side with my clients through their adversity, the years of study and research, applying new skills and the willingness for growth, has opened doors for so many incredible opportunities and blessings, for myself and those around me.

Celebrating Your Wins...

How many times have you admired someone, including yourself...

For your capability to withstand adversity, taking responsibility for yourself, valuing accountability, while also having self-compassion (not victim-hood) with a inner strength specific to your situation.

And how that creates momentum in your life. You feel pretty freaking proud of yourself, right?

But the feeling can be fleeting. And you'll often forget to acknowledge or celebrate your "win".

When the next challenge comes along, you can't quite remember how you conquered the last one.

Take note of your wins, and the steps you took in those moments to create it. It'll help you become more resourceful when the next challenge arises, along with giving you confidence.

I'm going to share with you 2 x POWERFUL
life-changing examples in my own life... And the lessons from them.

Mayson and Louie

I'm gonna get vulnerable here with you for a moment...

My life hasn't all been rainbows, butterflies and unicorns...
and super-power inner strength.

I know what's it like to hit rock bottom, to dance with serious suicidal thoughts, terrified for myself... (after both of my senior rescue dogs - (Mayson and Louie above) passed away... and my marriage ended - we were together for 21 years (all three happening within 12 weeks of each other)... The shame, the anguish and the loneliness of this. I was the "go to" person that people came to for help... Here I was struggling for my life...

Mandy Gibbons

My getting through this, isn't by chance or magical luck. 

I value so much that I was able to use my tools, my knowledge. I got resourceful, put in the work, ....yes... I asked for help (this is key), and came out the other side thriving. It wasn't easy. In fact, it was freaking tough... like nothing I'd been through before.

But what it does do... it makes you look your existence in the face. I wasn't prepared to walk away from my legacy or my purpose.

Above are some photos after I moved through this. A powerful win in my life.

It put a massive FIRE IN MY BELLY... 

That I'd help break the cycle of shame of people suffering behind the scenes. To lead by example. To speak up.

That I could show that it's OK to have moments of vulnerability... how to help build and strengthen resilience in these moments, to get your life back on track, BEFORE "shit hits the fan"... Along with a transformation to a new improved life.

How many times have you been told...

...When you felt under pressure, maybe breaking point, or close too... And didn't tell anyone. Felt like you couldn't... 

Because you've been lead to believe...

  • It's weak to ask for help.
  • You don't want to appear like you don't have your shit together.
  • You're in a leadership position... You feel like you're supposed to be able to deal with this.
  • You don't want people to know you're struggling, because you're the go-to person that people come to for help.
  • Maybe you're the main financial provider, or decision maker?
    And feel that "heaviness" hanging over you like a dark cloud. Like you have no choice but to just push through, even if you're on the verge of boiling over.
  • You don't want someone to divulge what you've shared with them. So you keep it bottled up.

And how many times have you shared something in confidence, when you're struggling, and had it thrown back in your face?

Y'know what I'm talking about here...

  • A judgmental response of "how the hell did you get yourself in this situation"?
  • Or "you're the strongest person I know... you'll be right, mate!"
  • Or a "oh that's nothing, I went through this... (insert all their stuff)
  • Or maybe a "All the best, I'll pray for you"... They run for the hills. You never hear from them again.
  • Or a blank stare... they're in shock... they just change the subject.

INSTEAD of putting yourself through that... because no one wants to go through that. 

You get to choose an inner circle of people, you build and create that inner circle of 2 to 3 people, even it's just one person. That you know can bear the weight of what you're going to share. Who chooses to help you rise and grow.

You take responsibility, and be conscious of who you share your deepest vulnerabilities and challenges with when you're going through them...

...Versus telling people that you kinda know it's going to backfire on... and how it will ricochet their lives... or off them.

This is just one, of many parts, of building resilience!

This isn't about keeping secrets... this about empowering yourself. Bringing strength to your decision making. And ensuring that you create momentum, healing and support.

You get to share it with whom ever you choose after you've moved through it, in a way that inspires and the incredible insights of it.

It works... and it's had a huge impact in my own life and my clients lives as well.

The SECOND life-changing Event for me...

The last thing that I had thought would be taking place in my life...

My unexpected experience with brain trauma. My body literally shutting down.

I was ready, had my 4WD packed... taking my coaching and podcast show back on the road... Supporting men that normally wouldn't have access to this unique style of resilience coaching.

I was fired up... had speaking gigs... I was excited! ... And blam! I didn't see that coming!

I learnt how to rewire my brain, mind and body to walk again, to function again. How to brush my teeth and hold a fork again. To shower myself. It wasn't pretty. It felt like hell at times, but I never once thought I couldn't recover. I believed whole heartedly I could move through this.  

Having being so fit, full of energy... adventurous... it was frustrating and heart breaking at times, to not be able to just jump out of bed and do all the activities that I truly wanted to do.

My mind was clear, and on point, that took place relatively quickly... my body just needed to catch up.

I SHARE these stories...

BECAUSE I don't want YOU to be AFRAID or ASHAMED - of YOUR own CHALLENGES...And rather to see them as OPPORTUNITIES...

Mandy Gibbons Coaching

Being able to meet your challenges face-on... to create momentum, baby steps, a plan, to leverage your strengths...

And once again to be vulnerable enough to ask for help, and accept help. To bring peace to yourself and make effective decisions.

Will motivate you and move you to create incredible shifts in your life.

How many times have you been told...

I'VE HAD SUCCESS in my life, mind blowing successes...

Along with the challenges... These stories represent how you can turn a challenge into a SUCCESS!

I've been able to utilise what I've learnt and apply them over and over. 

Each time a challenge arises, big or small, you get to do the same as well.

To achieve, accomplish the results you want in life.

I witness this in so many people daily, like you, who are the heroes in their own lives.

Throughout this recovery, 14+ months, I dedicated myself to doing pro-bono work...coaching men.

Going through this recovery process... only strengthened my resilience further... And gave me a whole new powerful outlook on self compassion... and patience. 

And as life does...  it's offers you the opportunity to ramp up your formidable resilience!

I always keep in mind that each challenge prepares you for the next step in your life.


Motivation and
Willpower have limits.
Formidable Resilience

Real Success Stories

Mark Lane: Entrepreneur, Successful Landscape Business Owner and Oil and Gas Offshore Supervisor

Ross Harrison: CSCS, NSCA-CPT -
CEO and Owner Precision Health and Fitness

There are people who can help you grow and become successful with your business and life and Mandy is definitely one of those people, and the thing that really makes her stand out is her heart.

She is one of those rare people who genuinely cares about others and their success. I have always felt her concern, care, passion and support when she gave advice and that genuine concern is the thing that makes all the difference.

She is great at evaluating what you are doing and pointing out not only what steps you could take next, but also seeing the places where you are creating unnecessary roadblocks and actually holding yourself back from being successful.

She inspires you take responsibility and take solid actionable steps to help you achieve your goals and empowers you as an individual to become more secure in yourself and your capabilities. This ultimately makes you better at everything you do, both in business and in life.

Mandy has helped me become more confident in my abilities and enabled me to branch out and do more with my business and life than I originally believed was possible.

I used to feel restricted, as though I had to follow a set path, but now there is a world of possibilities and the challenge is deciding which ones I want to follow at this point in time. Where I used to see constraints, now I see potential opportunities and a lot of that has to do with Mandy’s special blend of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and true concern for others.

Client Video Stories and Video Screen Grabs of Messages...
For Privacy Reasons Names have been changed or removed.

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I'm incredible at what I do... And work with you during the Sessions to:
Break through a specific challenge.
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The testimonials you see on this page are from clients who got results and followed through on their coaching with me.  These results may not be typical for all clients.

I work with clients who choose to operate in their life at an exceptionally high level... Have faith  in their own ability... tapping into an elevated awareness and potential to overcome challenges... This is how they operate. And are dedicated to overcoming their challenges.

They’re very comfortable with the unknown, and exploring that and what’s next for them. And not having any attachment to that.

As much as it would be awesome for me to be able to step into your mind, your body, your life... and do all the work for you... I can't physically do that ... And that's why I'm specific about stating who I work with. 

I don't guarantee results, or promise an increase in income. If what you read above "is" YOU. Resonates with... and YOU'RE 100% all in...

It's up to you to do the work that's required.
To take action...
To let go of resistance...
To allow yourself to step up further for yourself.

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