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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Michael Ray

Solo Dad, Author of "Who Knew", Public Speaker, and News Anchor for the TheInformer

Michael shares his personal journey, of how his life transformed from travelling the world living a life doing personal security for Rock Bands, strength and conditioning coach, swim teacher and confirmed bachelor ...

To facing a life threatening medical condition, worrying about not being able to see his daughter grow up... which lead him to living life with a different perspective...

To finding himself in his early 50's, raising his 2 year old daughter and the profound impact being a solo dad has had on his life...

How Michael is now helping support men as fathers and leaders.


Michael shares his own experiences raising his daughter. And helping men not to be afraid of parenting their children different to their partners.

How Dad's and Mum's can work together more with their parenting... and how Dad's can be more present in their children's lives.

We discuss how Michael instead of saying "be careful"... asks different questions to help empower his daughter... to help support her evaluation of risk, problem solving and goals.

Michael shares some fantastic insights about how parenting that's coercive in nature can set children up to minimize it or perpetuate it. How that affects peer pressure.

How, as a Dad, Michael shares what is was like, often being the only father, in a room full of Mum's, offering him advice.

How admitting vulnerability, and not being attached to being right, has helped Michael.

Dad's comparing themselves to other Men, to keep up with each other with work and commitments and regretting missing out on time with their kids.

Dad's wanting to spend more time with kids and discussing it with their partners...The judgement and expectations for men and women when it comes to parenting.

How Mum's can be more supportive of Dad's playing a larger role.

How employers can support father's more - and we talk about Dad's and parental / leave to spend time with their kids.

How a lot of high paying industries can be the least family friendly.

Michael discusses the "motherhood penalty" and the "fatherhood forfeit".

Michael has some fantastic tips and insights into communication and values between parents.

How Dad's and Mum's, due to perceptions of how they should be as parents, doing their best, don't ask for help... because they feel like they've failed.

Dad's can support each other... Why it's important to speak up.

Michael talks about the story that led to writing his book - it hit the news, the papers, both in Australia and overseas... This one gave me goosebumps.

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