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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... SPECIAL GUEST: Matt Smith

You might recognise Matt from 'Undercover Billionaire' Season 2 - with Grant Cardone in Pueblo...Matt is the owner of WakeUp Pueblo and Snooze Mattress Franchise..

Matt's a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investor and Developer...Is a best selling author...Owns the largest Snap Fitness in the World...

Is an incredibly inspiring Leader in his community... And enthusiastically purpose driven in putting his family first as a husband to his amazing wife Jenny... (Jenny is kick ass)... and father of 3 amazing children.

This episode is a "much-watch"!

Matt's amazing resilience, energy, drive, ethics, integrity, strength ... while also being kind, compassionate and generous... shine through big time.


Matt shares the impact that his Mum (Matt's hero) had on his life. Single Mum who led by example with her leadership skills, resilience, compassion, appreciation, love and encouragement for her children and others. Matt's Mum's legacy continues to live through Matt, his purpose and his own relationships and with his family.

Matt discusses how not having a Dad, and having such an inspirational Mum has helped empower him in so many ways in being the incredible Father he is with his own family (Jenny - his wife - and his children). Which he writes about in his book...Cereal Dad Preneur.

Matt shares the pivotal moment in his life when he was stabbed in high school... hanging out with the wrong people... and seeing his Grandma's and Mum's face when he was lying in hospital.

Matt and I talk about the challenges he experienced in learning (I resonate with this big time)... How ADHD was a blessing for him. And how he's utilised this in his life to think outside of the box... to not get stuck in problems and to find solutions fast and effectively.

We talk about Matt's mentor Darryl, who took Matt under his wing and is the father that Matt never had... leading by example with the importance of integrity and earning the respect of team members... genuinely caring for people. How grateful Matt is to have Darryl in his life.

Matt shares how his family is his "WHY", how protecting his family, being present with his wife and his children, and putting his family first is what drives him in life. How he met his incredible wife Jenny. Matt and Jenny always wanted a family. They've designed their lives around that. Matt discusses that money is great, but it's not the purpose of what life is. Impact is.

Matt describes his own powerful version of "retiring in his 30's"... based around how he chooses to take responsibility to live his life and owning his time. How when he bet on himself his income tripled the next year. It was the best move he made in life for his family, spiritually and financially.

Matt talks about how him and Jenny have an amazing relationship with communication playing a massive role in that. And how this sets his relationships up with his wife, children and others for life.

Matt shares his "3,2,1" that he does with his wife and children... PLATINUM advice here!
He's also written a children's book about this. "Make it a Great Day"...
To make every day a great day. Not giving up. And to bring resilience into each day.

3 = 3 x best things that happened to you today
2 = What's the two challenges that happened today
1 = What are you really looking forward too tomorrow

How Matt implements communication with his team... And treats his team like family. They have each other's backs. Celebrate and support each other, have drama-free communication, bond with each other and knowing each person's "why".

Matt shares how resilience helped him succeed in the 11 Businesses that he's owned.
Yes, he's had times when he's lost money for a while, while he's been building the success of the businesses, but it's been his drive and determination for his goals... and his purpose that have helped him get there.

How Matt's years of hard work and success lead to the community in Pueblo recommending him to Grant Cardone in 'Undercover Billionaire' Season 2... Grant and Matt creating a multi-million business evaluation with their collaboration.

How faith plays a huge role in Matt and Jenny's life and their work in their community. And how they have a lot of fun, adventures, inspire and challenge each other... And support each other with what they both want to accomplish in life.

We talk about Matt's inner circle, and how he communicates, shares and talks about his challenges... and how he's confident in wearing his heart on his sleeves. How him and Jenny are vulnerable with each other, support each other and share their challenges with other. How it's important not to hold things in.

Matt talks about how YOU control who's on your bus. You're driving your own bus. Who do you want to be around you and your children. Having people on your bus that hold you accountable, support you and your purpose, and you doing your best, and vice versa.

Matt's shares a really beautiful story about "integrity" and honesty with Matt's son. How "integrity" is one of the huge core values of Matt's company and purpose... and how Matt and Jenny bring communication and integrity into their children's life... This is very cool... and Matt shares more funny stories on that with his daughter.

We discuss how the community of Pueblo are so genuinely kind, compassionate and passionate about helping each other rise... love giving back and supporting each other... how it seems to be a running theme in the community.

Matt shares his advice for Men - as Entrepreneurs - when you're feeling burnt out, losing direction, struggling with emotions, feeling stuck with purpose and in life...

Matt talks about his own experiences with purpose, standing strong in his "WHY"... dropping ego... To love yourself enough to be able to pivot if you have too. Enjoy the journey. Don't let pride get in the way.

Matt shares what Resilience means to Matt.

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Matt's Books:
Cereal Dad Preneur: Put Your Family First While You Build An Empire And Create Wealth
It's Going To Be A Great Day! (Matt's children's book)

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