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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Leah of Build A Brotherhood

Leah has worked in the Welfare field all her life. Her last position as a drug and alcohol counsellor for 10 years, she dealt with mostly men. And saw the need for more support for men.

In 2018, Peta's brother took his own life (Peta is Leah's partner in Build A Brotherhood).

...He was in the military and served in Afghanistan. He never came back the same and battled PTSD.

From this, Leah and Peta realised the lack of support men have for their mental health. So decided to form the Build A Brotherhood Foundation... A place where men can come to, share and receive support if that is what is wanted.

We talk about the challenges that men experience with mental health and how to support men when they're finding themselves struggling.


Leah shares how they started out at a local park, and because it grew so quickly, with more men continuing to come along... they needed somewhere to meet where there was shelter and facilities... Which led them to running it at the Men's Shed.

The incredible real raw stories, the deep stuff, that men share and send into Build A Brotherhood to be published on their Facebook Page.

How the suicide of Peta's brother affected her, family members. The emotions, the guilt, the shame, the grief that family's and friends go through... Wondering if they could've done more. Not knowing he was considering suicide.

And how they worked, and are working, through that grief.

Men not asking for help, the loneliness, shame and the inner struggles that have them closing down and not feeling like they can talk to anyone about what they're going through.

Why men don't feel comfortable asking for help. And the anguish they go through bottling things up because they don't want to be perceived as failing.

Why it's so important for Men to seek help... To have insight, knowledge of their emotions. And the strength and courage it takes for men to reach out and attend meetings, or ask for help in general.

How being open and vulnerable helps voice what you're feeling. It makes it more real... it's like the first time you've actually realised it. That's why it's essential to talk.

Why it's important, if even you're feeling like something isn't right - and aren't sure, to ask for help... How men find it difficult at times to connect emotions to a word, to explain how they're feeling.

The fear of opening up and creating a safe place. How men talk about things more logically. And why awesome breakthroughs come from learning how to connect logic to emotions.

We talk about how when men have had terrible experiences with psychologists and psychiatrists and then won't try again... they shut down.

How to talk to men... how men can support each other... what they can say to each other when going through adversity.

How to support someone, that you're worried about, who's going through really dark times.

Not having the skills to get out of difficult problems...How to take control of one thing at a time.

How vital self care and setting boundaries are. And how health problems manifest when you're struggling emotionally. How men can be afraid to stop... The pressure of feeling like they can't stop.

We dig in deep on all these topics and expand on other tips and insights that Leah shares.

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