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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show...  GUEST: Jon Eddy

After losing his 20 year old son Alex to suicide, Jon, a powerhouse leader, has dedicated his life to raising awareness about suicide...

Jon is a peer care companion and volunteer for Roses In The Ocean, on their warm phone call back service.

Part time peer support worker for Standby Support After Suicide / Anglicare . Helping any one affected by a suicide. Including witnesses, first responders, the bereaved and can also help someone that has has a serious attempt.

Jon is also a provisional safe TALK trainer.

A Man Walker (Man Walk Busselton).

Jon put put together the Capes Walk For Life. And sits on the Raising The Vibe Music Festival committee (free music festival helping raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention).

Jon also sits on the Standby Lived experience advisory group.

On the Life line WA lived experience advisory group...

Is a Life Line WA community ambassador, is a Blue Tree Project community ambassador. And is setting up a community led non clinical safe place for people to go too if they are having suicidal thoughts... which will hopefully be launching soon.


 Jon shares how he lost his mother to suicide at 15, after her long battle with mental health and several attempts to take her life, which Jon had been able to prevent in the past.

Jon's own journey with wanting to take his own life and how not dealing with his own mental health struggles led him to alcohol, drugs and anger.

We chat about how Jon got into trouble with Police, both in Australia and when travelling overseas, due to alchohol and trying to deal with how he was feeling.

He met his amazing wife, Finland... Jon, talks about her support and how incredible she has bee supporting him... throughout his challenges, through to Jon trying to take his own life... to now. What a fantastic team they are.

Jon's Grandfather also took his life, the same way as Jon's mother.

Jon shares what prompted him to go and get help.

Jon speaks openly and vulnerably about losing his 20 year old son Alex to suicide. Alex was just a week away from moving back home.

Jon made the decision, after a night of heavy drinking after Alex's passing... and wondering if his own life was worth never run away from suicide again. And to do what he could so that no one else has to go through what he's gone through.

We discuss men and men's mental health, men's suicide...why the suicide rate in men is so high.

Jon shares how seeking help to take action and raise awareness on suicide, led him to seeing the power of sharing, listening, talking to others with similiar experiences that were further down their path of healing and grieving. And seeing that they were surviving.

How boys and men are more violent when it comes to taking their own lives... than women usually are.

Jon talks about the organisations and groups he's involved with, helping raise suicide awareness.

We discuss resources, the stigma around reaching out for help... How others around you, when you're struggling, aren't sure what to say, or what to do... How you can be supportive... and have understanding and compassion when someone is struggling.

Jon talks about his work raising awareness and supporting teenagers and children...the challenges they're experiencing.

Jon shares his own goals of himself and his wife, Lisa, thriving in life... And what he works towards personally surviving Alex's passing. And how in Jon's darkest of time, the local community around him have been incredibly supportive of him. He's so grateful for that.

Jon's advice to parents that have lost a loved-one to suicide.
And shares a private facebook group: Parents of Angels (Private Facebook Group) and a National Group: Parents Living with Suicide.

You can reach out to Jon:

Roses In The Ocean
1800 777 3337

13 11 14 - Lifeline Crisis Support Line | Lifeline Australia

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