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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Darran Petty

Darran’s life journey has led him to be one of the most notable and intriguing straight-shooting podcaster's - ‘The Darran Petty Podcast’ - covering issues impacting everyday Australians.

Darran is a State, National and International award winner in bodybuilding, before changing course to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he also became a State, National and International champion & martial arts school owner 'Trojan Academy.’

His work has also led him to work with ‘Arnold ‘Schwarzenegger as his cameraman when he was on tour in Australia.

Darran shares his life story in schools, events, YouTube & his blog. Inspiring and motivating people, especially youth, to work hard & dedicate their time to finding & pursuing their personal passions.

Darran taught himself the art of filmmaking & photography. He now operates ‘Darran Petty Films’ which offers film & PhotoArt for social media formal to small/medium business.


Darran talks about how, as a child, he grew up with an abusive step-father... enduring domestic violence and blood shed, his family moving around the country. His step-father being in and out of jail. And passing away when Darran was in his teens.

With Darran's Mum struggling with alcohol and prescription medication... After police and social workers got involved, he left home at 14 years old... going from friends couches and mates homes... Darran turned to drugs and alcohol.

In 2000 he watched the movie Pumping Iron...he started bodybuilding. Throughout his 20's he got into martial arts, in his late 20's turning to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

We discuss how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been a rock and anchor for him over the years throughout challenges including bankruptcy And his incredible story of resilience and turning his life around.

Darran was a child carer, a disability support worker and personal trainer... and bought all that experience when he created Trojan Academy.

Darran's main aim of the Trojan Academy is to bolster kids self confidence and sense of themselves... to speak up and speak out. And having fun and connection while being comfy around chaos.

How nearly 15 years of working with children has created an incredible impact on the attending Trojan Academy students, setting children up with life-long tools.

How structure transformed Darran's life in his early years with weight training.

How bankruptcy at 21 years old, and Darran's many life challenges, helped him become a powerful decision maker along with ramping up his ability to create and problem solve. And to not sweat the small stuff.

Darran shares how asking for help, accepting help and giving lots of help... Has now put him in a position to be able to thrive and help others. The ripple effect of giving... And how it comes back to you.

How 12 years ago Darran was charged with drug trafficking steroids ...He talks about the pathway back from that...the police and court experience... How we can live in an illusion of how close to the edge we are playing in life, making reckless decisions, thinking that things will simply be ok, when they're actually not.

We discuss how Darran destroyed the mould of what his life could've been if he hadn't have chosen to turn his life around. How grateful his is for what he's survived.

How gratefulness has played a huge role in Darran's life. And everything he's achieved has been self taught.

Darran's advice on toiling away, the sweat, the tears, the journey of achieving... fighting for what you want, earning it... never ever giving up.

Darran shares how he's become unbreakable... how not one person can get close to shaking him, because of what he's created his life to be. He's built himself, brick by brick, into a solid structure.

The awareness Darran now has around the resilience he's created within himself. How he believes in himself and backs himself. And the continuation of creating his life, versus the survival of it.

We talk about the "Dad Joke" Reels that Darran shares, that have gone viral on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, with one of his Trojan Kids Academy students. The joy and fun it brings to others.

You can connect with Darran here...Or if you'd like to ask Darran to speak at your school:

Thankyou again, Darran.

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