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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show with Special Guest: Damian Porter "The How Not To Diet Guy"

Damian Porter is a former New Zealand SAS Commando in D Squadron and a former Australian Police Officer who teaches Special Forces Combatives and Street Wise Self Defence to Mums, Dads, Teens, Elderly, Elite fighters and Government Agencies, and all those in-between!

Also known as the "How Not to Die Guy", he pulls from his vast knowledge and experience in the field after 23 years and pays it forward to help others keep safe - he teaches everyday people how to appropriately look after and protect themselves from everyday threats.

Damian teaches how to upgrade and downgrade responses depending on the situation and how this boils down to proper training and exposure to danger in a SAFE and FRIENDLY learning environment.

Since bad guys don't play by the rules, Damian stresses the need to either walk away from a fight or protect yourself immediately and eliminate the threat. The key is situational awareness and it is this skill that he passes on to others.

His passion is “ Stopping the bad guys from doing bad things- to GOOD people”... He has a life of service to others and therein lies his passion.

Enjoy today's episode, legends!



Damian was born in Dunedin, New Zealand... he grew up in a family of high performers. And learned from a young age, watching and then training alongside his father, using their home-built gym equipment, the importance of pushing for more, resilience and discipline.

Damian went onto become International Bodybuilding Champion at 17 years to 20 years, almost went to the world championships, but broke his ankle.

Damian became a Personal Fitness Trainer with Les Mills, trained everyone from ballerinas to New Zealands International Rugby players.

Damian joined the Military part time... then full time contracting in East Timor in 2000 - 2001... That lit a fire in his belly...

In 2003 he joined the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment in Parmestan North...

2005 the opportunity came up for selection for Special Forces Unit, a new squadron the SAS had started, Counter Terrorist Tactical Assault Group. He served for several years.

Then moved to Australia and became a Police Officer in Western Australia, then joined the Fire Brigade.

Along with the Fire Brigade... Damian runs his business... "How Not To Die Guy" teaching self-defence.

Damian talks about the lessons and experiences in life that taught him physical, emotional and mental resilience... And how that prepared him for Special Forces.

I ask Damian about his time in the Special Forces... and the people that supported him.

We discuss post-traumatic growth...and self-reflection.

And about the importance of discipline, enjoying the process and the steps you're taking while working on your goals...And the rollercoaster of accomplishing and not feeling like it's enough.

Damian shares his challenges when transitioning into civilian life. The loss of identity and moving through that.

Damian talks about "flow state"... Doing dangerous things, helping others and creativity... and how it's helped him process things.

We talk about "bravery being a choice".

Damian has been teaching Self-Defence for 23 years from what he learned in Special Forces. Unarmed combat.. it was taught to WW2 Soldiers then developed into modern times taught to Special Forces Soldiers around the world. Delta operators, New Zealand SAS and New Zealand Army.

We dig a bit deeper into Self-Defence... and how Damian teaches it in his "How Not To Die" Courses. Replicatable under pressure, how to use it under pressure and based on basic human movement.

We walk about how people are afraid of physical confrontation...and when people want to learn Self-Defence they're often faced with facing themselves and their own fear of confrontation.

The importance of being taught Self-Defence and feeling safe enough to feel vulnerable in an environment that can help you talk through those feelings.

How it gives Men (and Women too) confidence and resilience emotionally, mentally and physically.

How transitioning out of Special Forces affects relationships, comradery, and friendships.

We talk about creativity and self-care and doing what works for you.

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