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Corey Gaidzionis

Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Corey Gaidzionis

Corey's a Coach with a focus on Generational Change and author of the Little Book of Big Emotions.

Corey shares his personal story of working in Construction and how the death of one of his mates at work, Corey was with him as he was taking his final breaths, lead to Corey’s journey and healing...

And how Corey transitioned into helping Teens understand their emotions, having healthier conversations and relationships with each other and their parents… Including Father and Son Camps… Working with hundreds of young men through in-school and camp experiences on what it looks like to step into adulthood.


Corey shares how teenagers are struggling with pressure around education and performance.
And how teenagers need a balance of (amongst other things):
Health Eating
Hanging Out with their mates, having fun

Corey shares the awesome processes of how he helps teenagers communicate with each other so they can support one another.

We discuss how Corey guides teenagers to understand their emotions, simplifying it for them. Adding vocabulary to their emotional language. Rage, anger, stress, grief, irritability, worry... What that looks like to them and identifying how that feels.

Corey talks about helping teenagers create peer support with friends that help them rise, setting boundaries...taking responsibility... and self accountability.

And how Teenagers emotions are getting bigger and more out of control.

How Corey is now going to High Schools and talking to Teenagers about Teenagers emotions and how things can be done differently... Guiding Teachers and Parents... showing them how to have the conversations around emotions, managing them... and noticing the cues when something is going wrong with teens.

Corey shares the trauma of one of his good mates passing away from an accident at the Construction site he was working at... And the mental and emotional stress and anguish that he experienced...

Along with the pressure and anxiety he was under with the Construction company wanting him back on the job. Including him having to do walk throughs on the site with a psychologist.
His work mates telling him to toughen up.

The day Corey decided, enough was enough... And left Construction, knowing he needed to heal. Corey had 3 meltdowns in his life before this.

We discuss how when you've been through trauma, you operate from a different energy, place within yourself, in life. How it changes you.

Corey share's the different mediums he's implemented and participated in his healing... And as a coach. Including running men’s circles, father and son camps.

We talk about how quickly when men are struggling... if they don't have the knowledge, or the support... they can quickly spiral downwards. Why suicide rates in men are higher than women.

Corey shares how men in the Construction industry are suffering emotionally at the moment...

And a powerful vulnerable moment in this interview with Corey, discussing the recent suicide of a Construction Worker in Melbourne.

Corey leading by example here big time.

How Corey has incredibly supportive mates around him, that have been there for him during his dark times.

Why when you say to a bloke "If you ever need support, reach out"... There's a good chance, they won't reach out and call you when they do need support.

When a man's behaviour changes... ask questions.

What we're programmed to believe about what a Man is.

The protection we put up, both as men and women, to keep ourselves safe emotionally.

Corey shares the masks that teenage guys wear, and pulling back the layers to empower them to be responsible for their own happiness.

We talk about how we both have an immense passion to help prevent men from crashing and burning.

We share some real-life stories of men that we know or have come to us for coaching... And how important it is for men to share their "stories" and their darkness. And how doing that helps men heal.

How self-respect, respecting others, being kind to others and to yourself, being compassionate, understanding of yourself... as a man is transformative.

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