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Tony Knight - The Dog Listener

Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... Special Guest: Tony Knight - The Dog Listener

Tony is a internationally renowned for both his incredible transformational work with Dogs and their Owners ... And as a Comedian with his "Mad Dogs & An Englishman" tour! ...Buckle up for some laughs and some fantastic resilience insights!

Since 1999, Tony has helped thousands of dog owners all over the world solve problem dog behaviour with simple techniques that use no force, pain, domination, drugs or gadgets. He has also trained other people from over 30 countries to become "Dog Listeners". Tony's skills have been featured on TV in several countries and he is a regular radio guest all over the world (even in French!)

We discuss Tony's own personal resilience story and insights both as a Dog Listener, as an entrepreneur in business...And as a comedian.

How Tony got started in Dog Listening in 1999 helping his Mother build and succeed in Dog Listening, through to facing adversity... The valuable lessons he's learned and how that led him on a new path, to further success in so many areas of his life. Including traveling the world helping dog owners and their dogs in English and French, working on TV... Along with his book "Think Like A Dog".

Tony shares the fundamentals behind understanding your dog and resolving behaviour issues in a way that actually makes sense to the dog and brings more fun to your and your dog's life. Canines have understood each other for thousands of years; Dog Listening is the way for humans to tap into that understanding and use it to make sometimes dramatic improvements in a very short time. And how it changes people's quality of life and connection with their dogs and shows you how your dog thinks.

How Tony includes human psychology in his Dog Listeners course... Because we often base our identities around our dogs and their behaviour.

We talk about the resilience that's built as a it's one of the most extreme art forms.. how Tony got started in comedy and how he combines his ability to help humans to have the best possible relationship with their dogs... and their connection with dogs... into his comedy shows.

Tony speaks about how when you're on a new or different path that... and the impact of self-acceptance and knowing that you're simply starting out... and to just keep going... not to get stuck in other people's perceptions or people pleasing. He shares examples and stories of that from his own life.

The power of becoming more comfortable with rejection and how you can allow that to build resilience and strength.

How Tony's Dad and Mum separating when he was a kid impacted him to step up early as the "man" of the house. And to do everything he could to help protect his Mum and Sister and help them succeed... and the adversity he faced around that in his 30's.

How an incredible story and case study of a dog with the worst separation anxiety that Tony had ever seen, led to him meeting his amazing partner of 12 years "Hayley"!

How letting go of control in business and life, when challenges arise, has led to the most fantastic opportunities for himself and Hayley.

The importance of raising people up, while also taking responsibility for yourself and how you feel, think, and behave.

Quote from Tony...
"Dogs don't worry about the past or the future, they live in the present, that's something we can learn from dogs"

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Tony's Ebook "Think Like A Dog":

Thank you again, Tony.. Loved catching up with yourself and Hayley!

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