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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Scott Tousignant (and his dog "Chief")

Owner and Physique Coach at Jacked After 40, and the kick ass You Tube Channel "Jacked After 40", Scott's an Author and Father of 2 x adult children and his furry kid "Chief".

Scott helps men over 40 gain the confidence, vitality, and respect that comes from living the prime of your life shredded and jacked. Physical, mental and emotional transformation. Living your best life to the fullest. Scott leads powerfully by example in his own life for his children, clients and community.


Scott shares how the transformation is so much deeper than just the physical. How the end result is just a small part of the overall picture.

We discuss the personal growth that takes place from being confronted with what shows up for you during that process. And being able to have fun with that too... to maintain the results.

Scott talks about how men over 40... there's so many different issues arise. Eg... performance anxiety, libido, bowel movements, things that guys aren't usually open to sharing... And knowing that they're not alone in that. Having that trust there.

Scott talks about how he coaches his clients to have better sleep, sleep routines and stress management.

How sleep, libido, testosterone levels... plays a key role in building muscle and fat loss.

Foods that affect testosterone levels. And supplements that can help men over 40 for libido and stress relief.

Scott shares his own transformation story... And how when he was young he was athletic, slim. 5ft7', 100lbs ... and started working on building muscle at 13 years old. At the age of 14 Scott knew he wanted to own a health club.

Scott went onto study kinesiology, human kinetics, degree in biomechanics and physiology etc. After University got a job as a Physique Coach. 12 months after that he opened up his own Personal Training Studio.

The stress and demands of his business and life started to play with his health... he gained 50lbs of body fat.

It took 10 years, at 35 years old, he felt ready, he put it out there on Facebook, sharing his progress and public accountability... and a photo shoot for his 36th birthday. His transformation was featured in Ironman Magazine.

Why it's important to have a heightened sense of awareness during the process of your body transformation. Finding an approach that suits you best.

Doing the things you enjoy, versus burning yourself out trying to keep up with eg... 4 am cardio, when you could be walking outside, or getting out in nature that makes you feel better about yourself. Approaching it from how you can thrive in life.

Scott shares how getting out in nature, and turning off the music, taking out the ear buds... and just focusing on what's around him... was game changing for him and calming his mind and body. How it inspires him to be true to himself.

How "Chief", Scott's dog, plays a huge role in Scott's life, his personal growth... in his quality of life and appreciating life.

Why as a man, it's important to share your challenges, share your conversations and support each other to get over hurdles in life.

Scott talks about his own sharing and how he's grown in communication and how he used to keep things bottled up. How it was baby steps. And how he's seen it changing in men over 40 years, compared to his father's generation.

How Scott's daughter inspires him, and how he taught her "it's ok to be you".

Why bringing creativity and wonderment brings more joy into your life.

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