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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... SPECIAL GUEST: Paul Cale

SPECIAL GUEST: Paul Cale - CEO of Kinetic Fighting, Special Forces Veteran, Internationally renowned Martial Artist. Paul currently oversees the delivery of the Army Combatives Program (ACP) and Individual Combat Behaviours (ICB) training for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

I hold Paul in high regard BIG TIME... I'm incredibly honoured and grateful for his time jumping on this podcast episode...


How on a spiritual, mental and physical level both Martial Arts, serving as a Commando and life experience... has played a huge role in how Paul deals with adversity.

...As well as helping and inspiring others to do so.

We discuss going in search of looking for things that we excel at and that helps us rise as human beings... how both martial arts and the army fueled Paul's drive for discipline and excellence.

How Kinetic Fighting personally impacted me, when I attending the training a couple of years ago that Paul led. And how it helped me prepare for when "shit hits the fan in real life".

How Kinetic Fighting helps soldiers assimilate. The impact this is having. I love this!

How a hand-to-hand combat situation lead to Paul being asked to redevelop the Close Quarter Fighting (CQF) in Special Forces, and co founding the Second Commando Regiment Integrated Combat Centre (ICC).

Paul shares how and why it's important to stay focused in hand to hand combat... and in situations when he was serving.

We chat about experiences that impacted him, where he questioned his beliefs about certain things.

Paul's own personal journey in finding inner peace in civilian life.

We discuss calming the monster within - referring to a Jordan Peterson quote. Paul sharing his own personal thoughts and experience.

How having a martial arts background and mindset can help when making decisions when you're overwhelmed or in a heightened state - which can mess with your ability to making powerful moving forward decisions.

Confidence and Resilience and adapting to situations depending on where you're at physically, mentally, spiritually... to overcome adversity and challenges... how this plays a huge role in building resilience.

I ask Paul about his facility and newer projects of Close quarters shooting, high fidelity training, and Chiron armour - which is amazing!

You can reach out to Paul and Kinetic Fighting via the following website

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