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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Nick West

Nick's been in Real Estate for 10 years, Sales Executive and Property Partner at The Agency Real Estate Australia.

In today's episode Nick shares his inspiring journey of...

...what he had to learn, unlearn, experience... and who he had to become to bring him to the man, leader, father that he is today.

... And talks about how being in a fast pace industry with big rewards... high demands and stress... can lead to feeling like you need to "escape"...

How not having the tools to deal with that...can lead you down a path of struggling with your mental health.

Whether you're in Real Estate, or any other industry... you'll resonate with this powerful conversation with Nick today.


Nick shares the pressures he was experiencing and how when you're stuck in overwhelm, you can easily spiral downwards.

We discuss the impact on Nick's life and relationships when he was struggling with dealing with how he was feeling, his emotions and the situations he was experiencing.

How common it is, for someone to turn to drugs and alcohol to escape when they're in a high pressure environment. How Nick used this to numb how he was feeling... so he could keep pushing through.

We talk about how lack of self compassion, beating yourself up, punishing yourself and becoming more reckless can have a disastrous affect on your work and personal life.

Nick shares why he CHOSE change. And sought help. The turning point where Nick said "enough was enough" of the direction his life was going in. How it changed his life. And how grateful he is to his coach.

Nick shares how getting help has created a great relationship with himself and his son's Mother. The incredible love Nick has for his son... and how valuable his transformation has been for his connection with him and his son.

The lifestyle changes Nick's made... including quitting alcohol and coffee.

We discuss clarity of knowing who you are... versus masking that over.... so you can make clearer and forward moving decisive growth choices.

The importance of great mental health... and why you need to take charge of it and your personal growth. Nick and I share some of the tools and insights that we've both used for our own mental health.

The game changing belief for Nick around enjoying accepting and feeling uncomfortable... and how it accelerated him moving forward.

We talk about self-acceptance, loving how you are... and who you are... and doing a self evaluation of your life.

How respecting yourself transforms your connections and friendships... attracting new people into your inner circle.

How Nick feels like he's not fighting himself anymore and how much he appreciates and loves life.

Nick shares how setting boundaries for himself and how his life reflects that. We talk about the self rapport you gain from that.

The morning routine that Nick has set up for himself to start the day. And the awareness he has around how he talks to himself and how he interacts with himself daily.

The work it takes to live and create a purposeful life each day... even in the challenges. Why it's worth it. And doing what's important to you. Eg... Nick loves spending time with his son.

Nick shares how he loves asking for help now... that's it ok to ask for help and be open to change, even when it's painful. And asking yourself "does this serve me?" A yes / no question. How setting boundaries sets you free.

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