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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... Guest: Marnie Cooper

Marnie Cooper, Founder of The Upspring, A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Marnie and I met on LinkedIn and had an incredible conversation about the challenges that Men experience during separation. I loved Marnie's approach to supporting men and women throughout separation to achieve the best possible outcomes for their children. And invited Marnie onto the show.

Observer of many separations, and as a parent who has gone through separation herself, Marnie understands the emotional toll and stress that comes with separating...and is highly skilled at helping parents navigate separation with courage and confidence so they can come out the other side with the energy and new skills to build a future for themselves and their children.


We talk about how people need to be given understanding, that they're simply human, going through a challenging time.

How emotions can impact communication and be misread, when people are feeling afraid and confused about what's ahead of them. The fear can come across from hysteria through to anger and shutting down.

How separation can affect your identity...everything that you thought your future was going to be... is now "gone"... and you're afraid of the unknown.

The importance of preparing well... People cope better emotionally if they know what the process is. Know what's expected of them... what the issues and outcomes are.

Marnie talks about negotiating openly, with honesty, transparency and integrity. Giving a rationale for what they're asking, and communicating with more clarity.

Marnie shares how she spends preparation time with both parties, she's impartial as a mediator.

How couples separating can often want the same thing, but are each coming at it from a different perspective. Especially for their children. Why it's so important to have good communication... and support around feeling the guilt around separating.

We talk about when a man has been the protector, the financial provider for so long, and has built his life around his wife and family...when that is longer there, the struggles he experiences. And when his former partner moves on... and the feeling of being "replaced" by someone else.

We talk about the impact it has on children and fathers staying strong with their connection with their children. Even if their ex is trying to drag the kids into it.

The importance of focusing on what's best for your kids... And setting examples for your children, leading by example, for your sons and daughters... To help break the cycle for the next generation.

The benefits of getting into mediation early. And creating a separation or divorce team. For healthy conversations and for a better future for yourselves and your children. And bringing more peace and joy to your children's life.

Surrounding yourself with friends and people that are supportive of you and that aren't going to fuel your fears with their negativity.

The Resilience that Marnie experiences within herself and in her work as a mediator and also the resilience and courage in her clients... How much she values that in them... and creating a safe place for them.

You can connect with Marnie here...

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