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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... SPECIAL GUEST: John T. Krotec

John is a Founder, Veteran, Best-Selling Poet, Mentor and Speaker...

He’s the Founder of Hashtag Planet and GreenZone Hero...
The Co Host and Co Founder of AHO Radio Network
Founder and Podcast Host Of Straight Outta Combat...
And Contributor at Poetic Human: A Men's Leadership Project on Calling & Purpose

John shares his own personal story of Resilience and his journey through healing from trauma from being assaulted as a child. And how that affected him trying to fit in in life… and as a man.

And how a car accident changed his life, leaving him with a Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD. John shares his inspiring recovery journey from saving his marriage from divorce, having to sell his successful adventure company and saving himself from wanting to end his own life.

How John powerfully decided to step up, as a man, for himself, his wife, his personal growth and purpose... And the steps he took to rebuild his life.

We discuss John's amazing work with supporting men and veterans, the emotional challenges that men go through...

And what it means to a man, when a woman says they wish that men would "step up"…


John shares how, as a child, experiencing assault, and how that affected his journey in life as man, trying to understand his emotions, why he was feeling confused about what a man should, or shouldn't be.

How disrespecting the opposite sex didn't sit well with him (regardless if they were male or female)... And how he struggled with this during college, with guys talking about conquests, and vying for attention. Frustrated, John started writing poetry, which was controversial about his struggles and thoughts about being a man.

How he moved onto getting his degree, becoming a corporate manager, then at 26 years old decided to serve his country enlisting in the Army in the United States. Later meeting his wife and running a very successful Adventure Business. Running trips to the Andes and extreme activities.

John shares how one night... everything changed for him... He was in a car accident which left him with a Traumatic Brain Injury. He struggled putting together words, struggled with his mental health.. became angry, resentful...suffered from insomnia. How his personality changed overnight.

We chat about how he was forced to sell his business, losing his identity, losing friends and his wife asking for a divorce...

How being assaulted when he was child... the emotions he was now going through... stemming from that.

Johns shares after a trip to see his wife, hoping to win her back and she said "no"... He started having thoughts about "not wanting to be here anymore". He phoned a "crisis hotline".

Realising he had to work on himself... Accepting that he couldn't save his marriage... But he could save his life. We discuss the awesome journey of how doing that, after some inspiring hard work...lead to his wife wanting to call-off the divorce.

How self-acceptance, and appreciating himself... was his true beginning of his healing journey.

We discuss how the triggers don't necessarily go away... we just move through them differently.

We talk about men... and how the industrial age has affecting men not following their calling or purpose. The pressure of society that leads men to be something they feel like they have to be what others expect or perceive them to be.

John shares how in high school he was offered a full scholarship to Art School, but his father told him he needed to go to business school. Which he did...and did well. But felt like he didn't fit the mould, knowing he was an entrepreneur and artist.

How there are lots of men that are feeling trapped, confused and angry. Not living a fulfilled life... the pressure of having to be everything to everybody and not being able to express the emotions that are taking place inside them. Feeling like there's no way out of the cycle.

How resiliency and self-discovery takes hard work. How people often quit after they make a mistake... they beat themselves up. How incredible the progress is when you surrender to it. How important it is to have support, and supportive friends on your resilience and growth journey.

We talk about John's work with Veterans. And how his radio show is dispelling the myths and stigma around veterans. How in the military you're trained not to show weakness. And are put in extraordinary conditions. And how it's ok to express emotions... And how the suicide rates in the veteran community are high.

We discuss how men, it's ok to open car doors for women, to be courteous, respectful and kind to each other... And the ripple effect of that.

John shares how men can create amazing lives for themselves with emotional skill sets, along with patience and perseverance.

John's response about when women say they want "men to step up more".

We discuss how men can benefit from operating from your core values. And how living a life outside of your inner resilience and core value is exhausting, because you're trying to be someone else.

John shares one of his short poems "Last Storm Prayer", how writing has helped him during his challenging times... We talk about mindfulness.

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