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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: John Blake

John is the Owner & Managing Director at John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions 

John shares his story of resilience... and moving through the process of his wife being diagnosed with cancer, and passing away...

Having to relocate, his home, his business... Dissolving a business partnership.

Then re-designing his business to work around him being able to take care of his two young children as a single parent of his 5 month old son and his 2.5 year old daughter.

...(This all took place within 14 weeks)


John walks us through the 15 Steps he took to overcome adversity.

These are incredibly powerful. And super relatable too...
And can be applied in your own life when going through challenging times.

The reality of facing a life of bringing up his children on his own.

While also seeing his wife go through the devastating symptoms and side effects.

And the heart break of knowing she won't get to be there for her children as they're growing up.

 How John realised he was uniquely equipped to deal with this.
How he emotionally, mentally and physically was able to empower himself and took action.

John shares how he moved through the grief, fear, emotions and the reality of his situation.

There's no fast tracking it... it's on him to deal with it, be present, taking responsibility for where he was at.

The most pivotal life-changing steps that allowed him to make incredible decisions moving forward.

We chat about the value of accepting offers of help... and seeking help.

How this journey has created an amazing connection with his daughter.

We discuss how challenges and feelings like you've lost everything... creates a blank slate.
So you get to start afresh.

How you can emerge and come out the other side of challenges, knowing and believing you can be a better man.
A more resilient version of yourself.

How digging into resilience and personal growth during this process. Simplifying it and taking action on it... creates momentum.

Strength of purpose...Moving through the healing process...

John's acceptance that he would be a single Dad for the rest of his life... And then unexpectedly meeting his new wife.

The process of going from a single Dad, after heart break, to bringing a new partner into his and his children's life.

The power of being grateful. And the possibilities of life.

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