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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Joey O'Dell

This episode actually started as a cruisey coffee catch-up via zoom to discuss doing a podcast episode... BUT...

...We got on a roll, were vibing, it was recording - so we went with it...

THERE'S GOLD in conversations, baby!

Joey is... The Keynote Speaker & Coach at O-NU, Host of Naked Reality Podcast
And.. Keynote Speaker & Mentor at Joey O'Dell - Ownership Coach

Joey's shares his personal journey of struggling with mental health and attempting suicide... to now helping others transform their lives... Including his workshops for children and teens.

We also talk about how his dad leaving early in his life, and then finding out when he wanted to get in touch with his dad, that he had passed away... How this affected his relationship and connections with men.


Joey shares how not having men in his life to support him when he was at his lowest, has impacted his own personal growth of healing and supporting others.

And why it's so important for men to talk and be open to understanding their emotions.

We also discuss what to say to a man when he's opening up, versus saying "you'll be right, mate".

Why "running away" from a man's vulnerable share or conversation can bring more shame to him, and guilt, from burdening you with that... Especially when he's struggling to understand his own emotions and how he's feeling about what's going on for him in that moment.

Joey discusses his passion and work in educating children and teens on mental health, resilience... and suicide prevention. And helping them get in touch with their emotions and arming them with the tools to be able to deal with challenges.

How, as adults and children, we're programmed to be afraid of feeling and experiencing the darkness within us. And how by being afraid of it... it spirals us into more darkness.

And when we arrive at those times in our lives with darkness such as depression, suicidal thoughts... we don't know how to deal with them because we haven't been taught how.
...Especially if we haven't experienced that before.

We spend so much of our resources on our happy times...often the darkness is pushed aside, because people don't want to go there.

Changing the perception of how we see challenges in life. Speak our truth of the shitty stuff we're going through.

Offering ourselves understanding and running through the emotions. And how having the awareness and education to do this is life-changing.

How what we discover about ourselves gives us the opportunity to transforming guiding our own life. And how we can treat it like an internal adventure.

How looking internally and taking baby steps creates momentum and growth... Versus looking externally for distractions and vices (alcohol, drugs, p-rn, gambling) so we don't have to "be" or "sit" with ourselves internally.

How you can be grounded and have an inner peace "high"... allowing yourself to be 100% present to capture and create incredible experiences in your life.

Why taking ownership for yourself, in each moment, puts you in the drivers seat of life. It doesn't matter what is going on for you in your life, it's your responsibility to choose how you deal with it and move through it.

Why blaming others for whatever is taking place in your world right now... doesn't change what's happened... You get to choose how you react to it personally... Which affects your decision making power.

We discuss the B.S. behind mindset... Why it's important to create your own inner resilience versus trying to adopt someone else's.

Trying to be someone else, think like someone else... makes it more challenging... because it's not coming from within you.

Why we give up so easy... How we've become addicted to quick fix inspiration from social media. We can watch quick inspirational videos of people flawlessly doing great things. It looks easy.

We go from feeling down to feeling high fast... So we've programmed ourselves to thinking we should be able to have quick highs with everything.

This was an awesome catch-up turned podcast episode.
And a lot of fun too.

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