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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Jack Hyslop

Jack is a Performer/Choreographer at Thunder From Down Under, Las Vegas Nevada. I met Jack over 4 years ago...

Via a close friend...I was writing poetry and organising a photoshoot for it... I was so grateful for Jack for being a part of this project...He was brilliant in his support of it. We've become great buddies.

You're going to love this very REAL conversation... And maybe recognise yourself in this... I asked Jack to jump on the podcast with me... to share his own personal story with mental health.

You might think someone like Jack, young, with his looks and physique... has it pretty good...

But for a couple of years Jack was really struggling... and in a dark place.

And is very honest, vulnerable and open about this in today's episode... along with his healing process.

Jacks wears his heart on his sleeve... And truly is a genuinely amazing guy.

We didn't have a lot of time, Jack had a show / performance to get too...

Jack, as you'll see in the podcast, has been super dedicated to his career... And is now living his dream, thriving in his purpose and career.

Huge hugs, Jack...
Incredibly proud of you, brother.


Jack shares his story of being recruited by Thunder From Down Under. Moving from Western Australia to Las Vegas, Nevada.

How important following your heart is, and going after your dreams... So you're not looking back, wondering "what if".

We discuss some of the inspiring qualities that I've seen in Jack... In regards to how supportive and caring he is... And how grateful I am to him for that.

Jack talks about how a big relationship break-up, and his struggle with his own issues around abandonment Knowing the hurt that it brings... How it drives him in life to naturally want to protect and care for others... And how he values that.

Jack's own "ground work" that he's continuing and personal growth.

Jack shares how incredible his Boss is, the guys he works with... and how he's now setting himself up in life for his future... his impact and giving back... and the very cool opportunities that he now has financially to do this.

The prank his manager played on him, in front of around 800 people... on his first night performing for "Thunder From Down Under"... LOL

Jack said he lost some of his passion for performing while he was struggling with his mental health years ago... And how much it's taught him about himself.

How Jack's journaling has helped him... and moving through his emotions. And working on gratefulness.

How much fun he's having now... And how much he's loving being his most authentic self.

How, when Jack was growing up... love always had conditions... and so he was always trying to do things so people could return love to him. When they rejected him, he'd keep giving... and then not feeling good enough.

Jack talks about his relationship with his father. And how his psychologist has been helping Jack heal from the trauma of that.

Jack talks about his own experiences with social media and how he's tried to focus on sharing value via his own experiences, and personal journey. Versus getting up caught up in the "Influencer" world.

How, when Jack, decided to move forward with his changing things for himself he found himself doing it for the wrong reasons... wanting to do it based on getting his former girlfriend back... And as his awareness grew around that, he was able to transform his life... for himself.

What Jack has learnt about supporting others with depression. How depression affected him and his friendships... how much he values his close friends for hanging in there, being patient with him and being so supportive of him. And the unconditional love he has with them.

How awareness is playing a huge role in Jack's life moving forward. And the success and momentum he's creating in his work and career... and learning not to be too hard on himself.

You can follow Jack here...
Jack shares a lot of his behind the scenes journey in his Instagram Stories

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