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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: George V Helou

Along with having with over 20,000 hours and decades of coaching behind him... Creating EP7 (Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps), UFIND... and the EP7 Life Coach Academy... Authoring 2 books that became Australian best sellers... being mentored by Dr Deepak Chopra...

George has also represented Australia by taking the seat on the International Council of the World Kindness Movement... Creating Kindness Culture Workshops and Facilitation Training for Kindness Ambassadors in 22 countries...

And giving a virtual presentation at the International Kindness Conference in Switzerland in October 2019 to begin training the facilitators.

George brings it "big time" in this podcast episode as he shares his story and the process of UFIND - The Breakthrough.

As a UFIND Certified Coach myself - being trained by George... and loving being involved in the process of UFIND... This logic based, zero judgement, structured process, consistently pumps out insights...Helping people empower themselves.

I'm incredibly honoured to have George on the podcast today.


George shares how he started out in the personal development industry... something that I know many of you will resonate with...

The dark side of the personal development industry... how it can be addictive and breed co-dependency... with people not actually implementing into their lives, what they've learnt from personal development events, courses and so forth.

How a controlled existential crisis made George realise nothing was what it seemed... and he decided he needed to become more curious and humble... learning how to discern more effectively.

George shares how EP7 came about, the powerful creation of that - Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps (digging into who are you, why are you so adaptive and powerful... And how can you use that to create a life that your heart really wants.)

Which then lead to UFIND being created.
A less comprehensive version of EP7...a super practical and effective process... that could be taken into the Mining Industry and work culture.

Which is how I (Mandy - A Resilience Coach For Men) got involved with George and UFIND.

We share how UFIND encourages self awareness and intuition at the same time... George breaks down what it means to be an intuitive coach... and explains my own intuition (which comes naturally to me)... in a very cool way... thankyou so much, George.

How UFIND brings validation, insights and clarity to situations, challenges in your life... to bring forth breakthroughs.

George talks about perfectionism...the understanding of what that actually is... how it affects men and women... the shame of letting others down. The pressure of that. How we can torture ourselves with that.

We talk about the pressure that mounts when someone is doing FI/FO, the lifestyle. How the expectation of what it will be, the results from the pressure, may not be or feel like what you'd hoped. And how it can unravel us.

George talks about his own challenges with perfectionism. How he was in denial and how it effected those around him. How being able to move through this has been one of the most incredible achievements in his life.

UFIND - THE BREAKTHROUGH... (25 mins into the podcast and onwards)...What the acronym represents and how this incredible process works.

How it's important to detach and know that it's OK to not understand a situation that is taking place... because it opens you up to possibilities... to better options.

George shares the importance of emotions and identifying them... so you can tune into what you're feeling... so you can look at why you're feeling that way... without judgment.

Why it's important to validate yourself, how you're feeling, and to see where your assumptions are. Seeing how we're severing ourselves away from our wisdom... During the UFIND process you get to find that wisdom again... versus feeling lost and overwhelmed.

How UFIND helps you find balance again, so you can make powerful decisions in any area of your life. Offering yourself a new clear perception so you can take forward moving action.

George talks about how compassion and being there for people...who have been hurt, traumatised... how people just want to be heard. You'll love this part of the conversation... it's freaking beautiful.

Dealing with sociopathic behaviour and the fear of feeling confronted.

The safe place that UFIND creates within a coaching environment, and within yourself, to move through each stage of the decision making process. And being OK that you're a work in progress.

George shares how the subconscious is not our enemy. How we can make peace with it and utilise UFIND to make friends with it and allow ourselves to be at ease with it... and kinder to ourselves.

Change fatigue is REAL... allowing ourselves to not take ourselves so seriously. And caring about yourself. Taking time for yourself brings creativity and fun into our lives. And more peace.

We talk about the truth about "Purpose" and the trap around purpose that people fall into. How to tap into purpose so that you thrive in life now, so it's value based... versus pushing ourselves to feel obligated "to be someone" or "something" that we don't want to be.  

To talk about incorporating a Mental Safety System and UFIND into your Work Culture and Leadership. Transforming your organisation to help "thriving" be the new normal in your organisation...

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