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Dr Nicholas Mabbott

Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... SPECIAL GUEST: "Dr Nick" - Dr Nicholas Mabbott

If you've ever struggled with lack of sleep, putting off sleep... OR insomnia... TODAY'S PODCAST IS A "MUST WATCH!"

Specialising in Sleep and Fatigue Management for 25 years ... Dr Nick has been in front of 25000 people...with his expertise...

Today he's going to be sharing the right time for most people to get to bed and get sleep and how to get the right amount of sleep... and increase your quality of sleep.


We talk about the affects of alcohol and sleep...

The various processes the body utilises sleep to help your brain flush out toxins... And why you're feeling foggy and exhausted.

When you hear about WHY this happens...It'll put a whole new spin of respect on sleep for you.

The affects of lack of sleep and weight gain... especially if you're exercising regularly.

This podcast episode... is going to be-life changing for so many of you.

It's a ripper!... You'll pen and paper for this one, for sure.

Enjoy! Thankyou again, Dr Nick!



Sleep cleans the brain!... You'll love how this works. This is game changing when it comes to quality of life and health!

Every time we sleep it cleans the brain. We need about 1 hour sleep for every 2 hours awake. You will basically clean all the rubbish you have accrued during the day.

Proteins and plaques that are built up in the brain from lack of sleep...and how it ages the brain.

Dr Nick explains the process in simple fun terms... How the brain uses huge amounts of ATP... And the adverse affects of that when we aren't allowing ourselves to get sufficient sleep.

17 to 19 hours of sustained wakefulness... if you jump in a car and drive it's equivalent to having a blood alcohol content of .05

There's a difference between feeling sleepy... and a tired brain.


The problem with road safety messages...

What to do if you're feeling tired when driving. And how to pull over and rest more effectively. The benefits of that. THIS IS GOLD.

The misconception about pulling over for a few minutes and drinking caffeine.

What to do so you're brain gets a rest.
eg... Have a double shot of caffeine, lay in the back of the car (not at the wheel), and have a 20 minute sleep. Dr Nick explains the reasons behind this.

When you start the day with reduced sleep... with toxins in your brain... because you haven't been able to clean your brain properly because of the lack of sleep... You then need extra sleep to help the brain recover.

How people have microsleeps when you're driving... and you don't even realise it. If you're driving at 100kms per hour that 27.8 metres per second with your eyes closed.

The importance of staying hydrated and having proper breaks when driving. Dr Nick gives an example of one of his own road trips in Tasmania.

Dr Nick shares the Mabbott Method... And how to re-program your body and mind when you feel like you're a "night-owl".

What to do when you suffer from insomnia. THIS IS BRILLIANT!
And the 2 x sleep waves.
1st sleep wave is a 5 minute gateway to sleep.
If you miss that, then you need to wait for the second one.

Dr Nick shares how the impact of ruminating on a disagreement with your partner / loved one, the mental exhaustion and distraction from that while on the road... is equivalent to texting while driving. And what to do in that situation.

The different stages of sleep... POWERFUL.
How to utilise that to help you be more mentally resilient and cheerful the next day. The benefits of serotonin from getting a decent sleep.

How lack of sleep can cause weight gain...causing the body to store more body fat. This is VERY COOL... How even when you're exercising, if you're body is struggling due to long hours and lack of sleep... you can continue to put on bodyfat, versus reducing it.

Teenagers need 9 hours sleep for quality of life and to support mental health...The benefits of sleep for teenage athletes

How alcohol affects sleep and it's different stages... and your body's ability to heal and learn.

The benefits of sleep for entrepreneurs.

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