Mandy Gibbons Podcast with Blake Wood

Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Blake Wood

If you're a FIFO Man YOURSELF, or close to someone who is... This episode IS A "MUST WATCH!"

Blake is the Co-Founder of FIFOzero  

As most of you know, I'm incredibly passionate about Men's RESILIENCE, FIFO and Men's Mental Health

This episode is all of these rolled into one... with Blake sharing his story of struggling with mental health and suicidal thoughts while working FIFO.

And the devastating loss of one of his close FIFO mates to suicide... how that impacted his life to take action...

...that MORE needed to be done to prevent FIFO suicides.

We discuss the incredible work that him and George (Blake's coach and fellow Co Founder of FIFOzero) are bringing to Mining, and other industries, that involve FIFO... and changing the culture towards mental health.

Along with Blake's inspiring journey and transformation to becoming the incredible Leader that he is today.


We discuss the challenges of FIFO life, and how men, especially, are struggling to ask for support.

The reality of FIFO men, the pressures they're facing and their fear of being blacklisted or labelled as having mental health issues if asking for help... worried that it will affect their jobs and career.

The heart breaking side effects of not asking for help, the loneliness, the devastation... We share real life stories of people that either didn't have access to help, didn't know how... or felt like they "couldn't" ask for help.

Why it's so important for FIFO men (and women) to seek help...As soon as you feel like there's something not right, or are starting to struggle.

Blake and I both share our own journey's and insights into what has helped us emotionally, physically, mentally transform our own lives. And grow our resilience.

We break down into lots of awesome bite size chunks of GOLD our own lessons we've learned.. to move through tough times, depression and struggling with suicidal thoughts.

We take the fluff out... and GET REAL about men and their struggles, anguish and the perception they feel they have to live up too...

Leading lives under constant pressure to be the man that they feel everyone else expects them to be...And facing the fear of humiliation due to the programming of men feeling that being vulnerable is being weak.

We talk about why shit-hits-the-fan when things get bottled up (not dealing with emotions)... and why it's important to reach out and get support before things start to spiral downwards fast.

Blake shares the incredible tools and support that FIFOzero is bringing to FIFO men and women. And FIFOzero's mission to prevent suicides in the FIFO industry.

And how stepping up for yourself when you're experiencing challenges, getting help... empowers you, builds your resilience and personal growth...

...creates possibilities and opportunities by creating a grounded and clear stance for yourself... So you can make effective forward moving decisions and actions in your life.... And create inner freedom.

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