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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show... GUEST: Aaron WD Huey (Aaron William Daniel Huey)

Aaron is a Men's Coach and Mentor... Moved from Life Coaching to specialising in coaching "Tradies".

As a carpenter, Aaron has been through his own journey with his mental health and personal growth...

Working his way up to management he's seen the highs and lows of construction and the impact that fast paced, pressure driven work can have on tradies...

Along with his knowledge, experience and his life coaching skills... Aaron is dedicated to giving back and helping motivate and empower other men in the industry to improve their mental health, their outlook on life... improve their relationships... and drive them towards their goals and dreams of living and creating a happy and thriving life.


Aaron shares about the conversations he's having with tradies and their challenges - including living week to week - and the skills and tips he's bringing to them so they can be more prepared mentally and financially.

We chat about empowering men to take ownership of their lives, and their masculinity...And how men are feeling like if they stand strong in their masculinity, they'll be labelled as being toxic.

Why men are feeling like they're having to justify their masculinity.

Aaron and I talk about how it's gone beyond political correctness now and that people are labelling others as toxic simply for having a different opinion and the affect that's having on men.

Aaron talks about the "echo chamber"... and the importance of surrounding yourself with men that support your growth.

How men, who from the outside, appear to have all the things that represent "success", yet are finding themselves depressed... and feeling ashamed to admit that... and ask for help.

How we're making progress for supporting men to take ownership... but there's still a step that's missing.

The work that Aaron's doing to help him to understand "feminine" energy to help him stand powerful as a Dad and supporting this daughters.

We chat about how men that don't show a lot of love and affection towards their family and children, can freely give love and affection to their dogs, due to the lack of pressure to meeting expectations. They can let their guard down.

The confusion around taking responsibility And what that actually means. And how to do that, while moving forward.

Aaron's perspective on taking responsibility.. he explains these in more detail in this podcast:
1. Awareness
2. Ownership
3. Education
4. Accountability

The 1 degree of change... taking the steps to transform for yourself and those you love and care about.

We discuss men feeling like they've lost their purpose. How work becomes their identity. Purpose can change as you grow and move through life. The importance of living a purposeful and fulfilling life.

We chat about how as adults we lose our childlike wonderment and creativity. And how to bring that back into your life. How it opens yourself up to new opportunities, possibilities, connections.... Why it's important to take a break from your phone and social media... and getting away and trying new things.

Aaron speaks about tradies and men taking care of themselves and their health, especially when their work is incredibly physical and they're exhausted at the end of the day and week.

We talk about how young men are super confused about who they are and how they're affected by social media... with their vulnerabilities being preyed on. And are basing what it is to be a man on what they see on social media and online.

We talk about "cancel culture" and the divide and damage it's causing between men and women.

Aaron and I discuss relationships and bridging the gap between men and women... The importance of having open and honest conversations versus assuming. And communicating as things come up, instead of letting resentment build... and speaking your truth, without resentment or trying to be right.

We can make things difficult for ourselves in relationships and connections because we're afraid of rejection.

We chat about how men and women can support each other... especially at the end of the day he's exhausted and she's exhausted... both needing time to wind down and have some personal time.

How our partners can feel like they're getting left behind when we're experiencing alot of personal growth.

The importance of sleep and getting your health on track and how men are existing in burn-out.

You can connect with Aaron here...

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