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Founder of The Outback Mind Foundation, Aaron Schultz, is a strong advocate for a preventative approach to men’s health.

Having overcome his own period of huge self-doubt, crippling anxiety and poor lifestyle behaviours caused by overwork and burnout, Aaron managed to turn his weakness into his strength, becoming a teacher of meditation, yoga and anxiety management education.

Aaron now has over 7,000 practical teaching hours, and is the driving force behind establishing The Outback Mind Foundation in regional Queensland, and now it’s expansion throughout regional Australia.

You can read more about Aaron’s journey through his book A Wink from A Guru, forwarded by AFL great Paul Roos.

Aaron is also the host of Outback Mind Podcast.


Aaron shares his own experience of struggling with mental health and burn out... 13 years ago he was close to taking his own life. At that time there wasn't the resources available that are around now.

How finding tools, solutions and strategies has helped him move through this. And led him to founding The Outback Mind Foundation.

We discuss the workshops and groups that Aaron runs to support men.

Aaron talks about his experience of working with men from corporate, through to men in prison, professional athletes through to teenagers, to older men.

Aaron's spent years on self study, studying eastern cultures to thrive in life.

The turning point for Aaron... He shares how coming through life thinking that success was about proving himself, the money that he earnt, was what life was about. Finding himself at 37 burn out, stressed and miserable.

How working on his health, after a doctors visit, going to the gym... and within 2 years transformed into a career in training professional athletes. He went from unworthiness to exponential growth.

We talk about how self awareness shows up when you're going through challenging times, moving through your emotions and working on personal growth.

Aaron shares how the body and mind is always giving us signals, and how our minds are running flat out and we don't take notice it. What he did to move himself out of anxiety, which he'd experienced most of his life.

How Yoga and Meditation changed his life... which lead him to studying these modalities, being mentored and coached in them by the best mentors he could find... Through to teaching others to work through their emotional and physical challenges.

His work with supporting men, helping them shift from anger and fear to calm and finding peace. Releasing the pressure.

The importance of feeling safe within ourselves, being kinder to ourselves... and how powerful it is... letting go over being reactive.

Aaron shares how he started his "Men's Circles"... and the impact they're having. And how they're based on personal growth.

How a lot of men's circles can get stuck in complaining and ego. What Aaron does in his men's circles to empower men to feel safe within themselves, having great relationships with themselves, with women... and helping them continue to move forward.

How Aaron's creating an amazing community of connection, comradery and compassion for men in regional areas... How so many men in regional areas feel isolated.

Aaron talks about how in work places it needs to be more transformational... versus transactional. And speaks about the amazing training he's bringing into workplaces.

Aaron shares his work in prisons to help to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Aaron explains the process he uses to calm the nervous system.

We talk about how we're bought up to be afraid of living a purposeful life.

How you can get involved in supporting the Outback Mind Foundation whether that be skills, donations, volunteers in various areas from I.T., social media, help with applying for grants, helping build awareness so Aaron can expand and train other ambassadors up around the country so he can take Outback Mind Australia wide to support regional areas.

You can connect with Aaron here...

Ask Aaron about his Outback Mind Ambassadors facebook group.

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