Day 6 FREE 7 Day Mindset Momentum Masterclass... 

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WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST... Then complete the tasks below.

How You Can Go From Shutting Off Abundance To POWERFULLY Opening The Flood Gates of AWESOMENESS with your MIND!

Task 1

Write down as many as you can… I’m talking at least 20 things where you’re saying to negative stuff to yourself and actually keeping your mind and thoughts bound to shutting off abundance.

Then next to that (or underneath it, whatever works for you), write down a positive statement, that you’re going to choose to re-wire your brain with.

Use the techniques explained in today's training and do this for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks.

Task 2

Post a video or post about the things that you’re committing to re-wire your mind and body with…

So you can accelerate forward with direction, clarity and epic powerful abundance energy!

Love you
Mandy xoxo