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Pushing and Controlling creates Scarcity…
How to Release Control, Surrender and Ramp Up Receiving Abundance

Task 1

Write a list of around 20 things that you’re currently trying to control.

Task 2

When it comes to how you’re controlling these things… What are you saying to yourself? What negative thoughts and beliefs come up for you that are supporting and verifying the thing you’re controlling? Choose 5.

Task 3

What if that those negative beliefs and thoughts (that you use to control and sabotage abundance), were to disappear and you couldn’t use them anymore? How would that feel?

Task 4

What would you be valuing about yourself, and what would you be believing about yourself… by choosing to let go of control of these?

Task 5

What’s 5 things you can do to “live” and “be” in abundance, in gratefulness and surrender to opening yourself up more to receiving abundance in all areas of your life (Including money, opportunities, family, relationships, healthy).

Task 6

Post a video or post about you’re the things that you’re committing to releasing control over and what came up for you during this lesson.

Love you
Mandy xo