Day 4 FREE 7 Day Mindset Momentum Masterclass... 

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WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST... Then complete the tasks below.

I’m loving, loving, loving the feedback and the action taking Masterclass participants are bringing to the table. This is about you embodying what you want to call in... FASTER!

So today I want to chat with you today about your BLOCKS, TRIGGERS, WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK and how you can energetically offer yourself FREEDOM, and permission to truly step up and SHIFTING into awesome NEW SELF BELIEFS.

Task 1:

Now that you’re allowing yourself to play big and stand in your power… (Day 2 and Day 3’s task)…what fears are coming up for you?

What things are you saying to yourself? What negative thoughts?

Task 2

There’s a reason why these blocks keep coming up right?

We’re wired that if we feel fear… That we go into lock down and protect ourselves from things that are actually often safe, but because of self-doubt we create fear, we tell ourselves bad shit is going to happen if we step up.

We convince ourselves we’re better off staying where we are.
...What are your triggers?

Task 3

Let's release those blocks and triggers... Rock some self love then create and move forward with NEW awesome self beliefs...

It's time to accellerate those shifts and step into freedom baby!

Task 4

Post a video or post about your triggers, tells us the stand out ones for you, your new beliefs and how damn proud you are of yourself for stepping up and shifting into a new higher version of you. xo

love you
Mandy xo