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WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST... Then complete the tasks below.

Empower Your Abundance Voice And Ramp Up Your Alignment With Abundance.This is a SUPER POWERFUL exercise to help you...

- If you're a people pleaser, afraid to say "NO". And get yourself in situations that aren't in alignment with you...

- Create healthy money, life, relationship boundaries - bringing you into alignment with what really rocks your world!

- Transforming practical, every-day situations and decisions, conversations, that would normally cause you stress, trigger you etc... into opportunities of empowerment.

- Helping you tap into your courage and confidence with important situations (money, abundance,life -- such as with a spouse, colleagues, friends or family)

- Helping you pinpoint your every-day abundance blind spots... So you can turn it / them around asap.

It’s time to start holding yourself as powerful when it comes to what you want to call into your life.

Because whether you realise this or not…

You’re actually slamming the doors on possibilities and opportunities for yourself by not empowering your abundance voice and alignment.

OK, let's go beautiful... Watch the masterclass ASAP!

Task 1:

a.Write down up to 20 situations where you’re feeling afraid or reluctant to speak up, afraid to stand in your power.

(I've shared examples of this in the masterclass lesson xo )
This can be in life, with money, with family, clients, business.

b. Then choose the top 3 where you feel the most fear… you know this really going to challenge you.

c. Now choose 1 that really stands out as the one that you really want to turn around.

Task 2:

Ask yourself “In this particular situation, what are you secretly afraid of?":

Task 3

How would it feel if being afraid of (whatever if it is that you’re afraid of) were no longer important to you?

Task 4

I want you to think back to the power that you felt yesterday when you did the visualisation. As someone who truly stands in their power (allow that energy to soar through your body)… How you are you going to handle this situation?

Task 5

What’s the outcome and energy you’d love to bring to this situation?

Task 6

As someone who’s standing in alignment, in integrity, knowing the energy and outcome you want to bring to this situation… What action will you take?

Task 7:

Now deep breathe, step into yourself after the conversation has been had… feel the relief of that… the GRATITUDE…
And tell yourself how you stood in your power?

Task 8:

Write a post or post a video of yourself into the group with your responses to today’s tasks.
If you want to rock your mindset shifts, committing to this, holding yourself accountable will accelerate you big time.

Don’t be afraid… I’m here to support you. This is your soul rockstar home, a safe place to step up and into you.

Love you
Mandy xoxo