Day 2 FREE 7 Day Mindset Momentum Masterclass... 

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WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST... Then complete the tasks below.

Beautiful POWERHOUSE Abundance Visualisation

Task 1.

Watch / listen to this POWERFUL visualisation video.

You can apply it to money, abundance in general or love... Whatever you feel rocks your world, and where you're currently experiencing blocks.

Task 2

I've included specific questions in this visualisation to help accelerate transformation and breakthroughs...

Don't listen to this while you're driving... Put 20 mins aside and allow yourself to step into a frequency of releasing your blocks.

This has been an incredibly popular video lesson for Masterclass participants.

Task 3

Now share a video or post with your responses to the visualisation, your breakthroughs and how it made you feel. It's OK to get emotional in this one.

You're safe in unconditional love.

Love you!
Mandy xo