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WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST... Then complete the tasks below.


3 x Tasks today, SOUL ROCKSTAR xoxo

Write a post or post a video of yourself into the group answering today’s tasks.

Don’t freak out… There’s a reason I want you to do this… to help you hold yourself accountable and you can also hold each other accountable in this group.

When you step up and commit like this, it’s officially putting it out there. You’re declaring what you want. Remember this is a safe place… So go for it xo

Task 1.

Write down your intentions… Aim for 20, at least. Be super super specific.

Here’s an example… what you want to achieve from this training… what blocks you want to try and clear… what vibe and energy, commitment you’re bringing to the table? How you’re going to treat yourself (eg, not coming from a place of judgement for yourself).

This is about making this happen, if you don’t set intentions then you’re just leaving everything up to chance.

Task 2

Tell us the why” behind “why you’re here”, and the "why" behind the changes you want to make in your life. Dig deep on this. Once again be specific… Go for a minimum of 20.

You may get emotional, that’s ok… set yourself free beautiful from judgement, we’re all sharing this journey… I’m here to help and sending you heaps of love and support.

Task 3

Write down the following categories and next to each category… name 1 thing in where you’re currently not moving forward… That you want to turn around and accelerate forward…

Here’s the different categories …

a. Time and freedom
b. Money
c. Health / well being
d. Family
e. Love / relationships
f. Future and purpose

So just write down one thing from each category.

Once again share all of these 3 steps in a post OR in a video.

Love you!
Mandy xo